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Dry Ice Surface Blasting

Dry Ice Surface Cleaning & Prep

Our Dry ice blasting process eliminates the need for traditional (messy) water, sand or chemical based solutions for surface preparation. Our technology removes contaminants from delicate plastic surfaces, heavy contaminant buildup on metal, even cleaning sensitive electrical circuits or food processing equipment.

Dry ice blasting will not leave any surface residue or cause contamination entrapment. Our service saves you hundreds of man hours (possibly thousands) when compared to conventional cleaning and allows for an immediate return to production or surface re-coating.

We provide full service, commercial/industrial on-site (mobile) Dry Ice Blasting to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. 

Licensed, bonded and insured.

The best dry ice technology

We proudly use the industry leading, gold standard, Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment. 

Our fully mobile dry ice blasting system is a self-contained, state-of-the-art air delivery, drying and ice blasting configuration that allows our technicians to be at your location dry ice cleaning withing 20 minutes of arrival.

No need for special preparations and we guarantee our dry ice technicians will leave your space cleaner than when we arrived.

Please reach out today for a free onsite estimate!  

Dry Ice Cleaning Benefits

We clean your surfaces with a dry ice blasting process that allows us the remove years of build-up without harming original finishes or electrical components.

Commercial Dry Ice Blasting Charlotte, North Carolina

Industries / Use Cases

On a daily basis our technicians are asked what can be cleaned with dry ice blasting. Cleaning with dry ice has virtually endless capabilities, but here are a few common examples of items we clean most frequently:

Give us a call for a free consultation to see if dry ice blasting is right for your project.

Licensed, insured and bonded.

Commercial Dry Ice Blasting Charlotte, North Carolina

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